Algebra Calculator help... TI-84?

Question:I am in college, seeking a degree in education. Will be taking Intermediate Algebra this semester. Next semester I will take college Algebra. Then I will have a final semester in Statistics.

My professor recommendeds a TI-83, Ti-83 plus, TI-84,Ti-84 plus, or equivalent calculator. I have started to read on the calculators. It seems an HP-50 may be the best bet because of speed and expandabilty. Also Casio makes a version.

Can anyone recommend which calculator may be the best for the classes I am signed up for?

Most interested in which the easiest to use. Also interested in if anyone thinks that the expandibility of the HPs is valuable (or is this for engineering folks and physics majors).

I recommend using the same brand as your professor, so he/she can better help you learn how to use it. TI's and HP's are very different. I'm a math teacher and have always used TI's. I like the 83+. Also, every school district I've worked for had contracts with TI. Learning on one now might help when you begin teaching.
I honestly don't know of the HP 50, but I bought a TI 84 off E-Bay for $50 and have been very happy. It is more advanced than the TI 83 and worth it, IMO.
I have always found the TIs to be very user friendly - I am a TI-86 user, and also tried the HP33s but have found it to be a bit tricky to fully maximize. As an engineer, however, the calculator I prefer is a Casio FX 115MS - Never had a problem with it and it is permitted on the professional exams.

another benefit of the TIs - you can play games like Tetris!
Well, from my experience, I took Alegbra 1, Geomtery, Algebra 2, PreCalculus, and Calculus in high school years. Last three years of math classes, I used TI-84 Plus Silver Edition and it's useful.

Especially the fact it's popular and wide-known by math teachers therefore they will able to help you how to use it better than you have to figure out how to use that calculator you mentioned of ON YOUR OWN

FYI, I took Honors and AP (College-level course at high school) classes and calculator never failed me...

so I would recommended get 83+


TI 83 or TI 84. These will work best for statistic, believe me. And your professor will probably being using these models in class, so its best if you get one of those so you can follow along with the instructions. The graphing calculator can take a while to understand, but it just takes practice. You definitely do not want to try and sync the actions your professor does on the TI 83 or 84 with another brand. It'll just confuse you!!

Also, theres really no difference between the TI83 or 84 except the 84 have more memory and is slightly faster. So if you want to save a little money, just buy the 83 because it'll work exactly the same.

Do not buy an HP calculator, they are much harder to understand than an TI 83. And everything you would need for statistics and Alegbra you can find on the TI model. Theres no reason to expand. The TI 83 is actually made specifically for statistics, so its the best!

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