What would you do after high school and college!!??

Gee i don't know. I was thinking...work!
You might want to elaborate on the question.
i did not care for school too much, so college wasn't working for me. I joined the army, it was great. they trained me to be an X-ray tech in one fun year. I didn't have to bother with any unnecessary classes, i got in shape, made wonderful friends all over the U.S., and got to live in 2 different states. I didnt care much for south carolina but texas was wonderful!
Um well right now I'm in college so...I don't know exactly yet!

Ps. Everyone, don't click of Jessica R's link..it goes to some nasty website.
I was thinking I'd join the circus or become a hobo. You don't see too many hobos nowadays. I think I'll bring back that trend. Think about it. Moving from city to city, riding along in freight trains. Working odd jobs all across this country. Yea that sounds like the life for me.

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