Adult trying to go to college?

Question:I am a 30+ year old female and I have been trying to go to college. I've done research on the school that I would like to attend but they aren't very helpful in aiding a "First time applicant". Can someone out there give me some steps as to how to apply. I've applied to Clayton State in Georgia and Shorter. I would like to go to Clayton State however they have me spinning around as they are trying to admit me as a "out-of-state" resident and I've lived here in Atlanta for 11 years now. Shorter college is a private institute and just too expensive. Can someone please give me some advice as to what I should do? Thanks

Well, to remedy the out of state problem. You have to fill out a form that shows proof of residency and attach along with it a copy of your drivers license, vehicle registration and/or voter's registration card. Just call the admissions office or go online to their website to find the form. Then you'll be able to pay the in state tuition without any problems.

Hope this helps, good luck!
I am going through the same "out of state residence" thing and I have been a resident for 3 years. What you will have to do is file a petition; the financial aid office can tell you how to do it. Or if they don't have that simply ask what you can do to become an in state resident in their eyes. Hate to say that colleges are money hungry but they are. Don't let them steal money from you by classifying you as an out of state resident.

Good Luck

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