Is a second master’s point becoming co-requisite for a Master of Library Science? Two Part Question.?

I really have two question I want answered, both of them related by the above question.

My first cross-question:
Is a second master’s degree becoming co-requisite for a Master of Library Science? If yes, does anyone enjoy (or could generate) a list of strong second scope options to compliment the MLS? I realize degrees surrounded by Law, History, Music, Business, and so on are strong options, but surely the document is longer? What about Literature?

My second grill is, with a GPA close at hand 3.5, a strong resume including regular volunteer/social work, internships, and so forth, and three ideal parcels of reference (college dean, librarian, prof of world lit); what are my likelihood of getting into a good MLS program approaching the University of Illinois, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, or the University of Iowa? I am graduating next to a BA in English Literature from Western Illinois University, a public academy. I have around three years of work experiance as a Library Assistant.

Answers:    Most programs don't consideration what the second masters degree is surrounded by, it's more up to you and your preference. However, science and business would give the impression of being to offer the best choices for employment. I would focus your grades and resume would make you a strong candidate--what around the GRE?
I don't know about mandatory second degree, but the people I know near two masters, one of them in library science, enjoy second masters in English and one surrounded by science. Science librarians are needed at many university.

You chances of getting into library college are very fitting. A friend of mine just get into the Simmons College program with worse credentials, and that's a high-rated library science program.

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