30's and Attending College...Anyone Else Doing This??

Question:I'm heading back to school to earn a Associate in Arts to be able to earn a Bachelor's. Is this pretty common these days?? Alot happened wehn I was younger. I am excited about this new journey as well as nervous. I want to be accepted and not looked down upon.

I will be the first in my immediate family to go to college.

I will be near 40 when I get my Bachelor's. Will it be difficlut to get a job then??


Congratulations! You have made an excellent decision. I think we appreciate college more as we get older. That certainly is the case in my life. I finished my bachelors when I was 32, and my masters at 41. Some classmates were older.

Life is a journey, and we never stop learning along the way. You will have more career opportunities with your degree. I strongly suggest you meet with a career counselor at your college. They have lots of resources to help you decide your best career choice/s. These services are free to students and family members.

Also, please make sure you see an academic advisor each semester (at least) to keep you on schedule with your program of studies.

Best wishes.
No not at all it is never to late to go back to school, I am in school now working on my BA and I am 28 years old and after that I am going to medical school
yes my grandmas 51 and is going 2 school
it is common
and if any1 says anything who cares u came there for educatoin not them
hope thi helps
Congratulations! I also think you have made the right decision and wish you the best of luck!

I am also thinking of going back to school when my children are all in school.
First let me say congratulations on going back to school. It is probably one of the best decisions you could make for yourself and it will all pay off in the end.

I will be 30 in a month and I am in school as well. I will be about 35 when I'm done because I'm almost done with my bachelor's and will be going straight through to finish my masters. You will find out as I did that there are a lot of older working adults going to college. So, you will definitely not be looked down upon.

As far as finding a job from what I've heard it's a little easier for older adults to find jobs than it is for younger ones. I guess it has something to do with more work experience, more mature, etc. I hope this helps and good luck!
I wish you the best of luck. There are so many options nowadays to get a degree, i.e. online, hybrid and telecourses, that I think it's great time to pursue one. In reference to landing a job, all that you need to prove to your employer is that you have the intelligence and ambition to do an excellent job, no matter your age. I congragulate you on your pursuit to an higher education!

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