Ack, my college schedule!?

Question:Help me decide between these 2 schedules please! Its just 2 classes.
1. Both English and career planning on Tue, & Thur
2.English on Tue & Thur, and career planning on Wed.

In other words, go to school 2 days a week 3 hours a day, or 3 days a week at an hour and 40 minutes a day. I would rather go 2 days a week because its better than going 3 days a week (duh!) but if i go 3 days a week i dont have to get up as early, and i can stay up later! I cant decide!!!

Depends on what else you have planned during the week, if you commute, etc. Honestly, I would go with the first option. Mostly, because then, you have all your classes in one day, and can spend the others studying or working or whatever.

Good luck!
Career planning doesn't even sound like a credit course, and it's unlikely that there will be any work involved in it. Otherwise, I'd advise that you take it in two sessions per week rather than one. But it sounds like something that you can easily deal with in a single session, and you'll probably want to be in school on Wednesdays anyway to use the library for your English class. Hit that one hard; you'll learn a lot.

My preference is to keep classes and work as late as possible in the day. A lot probably depends on your commuting situation, if any.

I am convinced that college scheduling issues decide more careers than any other factor.

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