Which business school is better: Temple University (PA), Lehigh University (PA), or Rutgers University (NJ)?

Question:Does it really matter to go to a school who has more reputation, if I have a current job, and just looking to learn something different on the side?

Temple or Rutgers are the best. Lehigh U was once Allentown
buisness School...which is being looked into by the Better Buisness Bureau.
Rutgers... hands down.
there is no such thing as good school.

you can graduate from the best school and end up jobless if you don't learn what you need to know by heart.

it's not where you go, it's what you learn after 4 years.

go to the one that's affordable and offers the best program.

don't focus on their fame and reputation.. that's just bunch bs
Unless you want to stay with your current company forever -- the reputation does matter.

On the undergraduate level:

Lehigh is best (ranked #20)
Rutgers is second (ranked #32)
Temple.is last (not ranked)

On the MBA level -- none of these schools are ranked.

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