Adult college students?

Question:do you have any tips on how to balance taking classes, working and taking care of a family. I have been going to a community college that had video and internet classes and want to go on for my 4 year degree and the school I want to go to has mostly on campuses classes. I am worried about balancing everything. any tips would be appreciated.

honestly 4yr college alone as the vp of student life puts it "it's a full time job people, this is your job." And i certainly agree with his statement. college work consumes your life, however in your situation...yes its tough, but does not mean you can't do it. do you have a husband to take care, nanny, or day care? but will say this, it is NOT impossible and i think you can do it. all you need is a STRICT time management and a little help (someone to take care of your kids when your at work or at school).
Its defintely a major sacrifice but your reward in the end is well worth it. I would say you may have to cut your working down to part time and once your family is sleep thats when the majority of your studying will come. Also, judging on the ages of your children they may be able to help around the house to eliminate some of your work. But you can do it!

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