After we finish our undergrad degree, can we go to grad school and then from there apply to med school?

Question:would that be possible? b/c my gpa as an undergrad it not realli high, n i heard med school do look at your classes. well i got 2 q -drops and made 4 d's in my first and 2nd yr. But i improved a lot by getting a's (junior and senior) do u think there is still a chance...?

well, mediccal school is very competitive in the first place and you are definitely going to have competition w/ people who have higher gpa's (especially in the sciences). what classes have you been getting that were all A's in your junior and senior year? i would also try to study really hard for the MCAT and get a higher score on that. but to answer your question, you can choose to go get a masters degree in the sciences (to get a higher gpa), but i would apply to both medical schools and masters program so you have a backup. i would major in masters in public health. but you might have a chance at medical school too..good luck!
if you want to get into med school you should have a 4.0. but it depends on how well you do on your MCAT exams. If you do really well on your mcats and don't have that high of a gpa it will probably be okay. but if you are weak in both you more than likely not get in.
You cannot lose anything by applying directly to medical school and I think your chances of being accepted to all but the most pretigious schools would be reasonably good. Med school admissions officers are most interested in what grades you made in your science courses and they will be favorably impressed to see that your grades for the last two years have been excellent.

You should include with your application a note of explanation about your poor grades for the first two years, calling attention to your high grades in the final two years. You must have made virtually all A's to overcome 4 D's from your first two years. I hope you do not have any drops in your last two years.

You did not say what your MCAT scores are but they will be a big factor in your acceptance or rejection to med schools. Also, do not apply to the most prestigious med schools; you will not be accepted by them.

If (and only if) you are turned down by all the schools you have applied to, then ask whether a graduate degree would enhance your likelihood of being accepted. Otherwise, don't bother with a graduate degree.

Please don't be afraid to ask questions of the admissions officers of the med schools you apply to. If they don't accept you, ask what your chances would be if you take graduate work and/or repeat science courses if you have anything less than a B in any of them. You are too late, of course, to be admitted to a medical school this fall.

Well, if you are granted your undergraduate degree, that does say something. I would suggest you speak to your advisor. There is probably one that specifically deals with helping pre-med students.

I have known several people who had non-science degrees, who then went back for the prerequisites for med school and on to med school. And I know one person who never got his undergraduate degree, just completed the prereqs with good grades and went to med school. There are many ways to get there.

Have you taken the MCAT? (Assuming you are in the USA)

Undergrad GPA is looked at, but it is only one of many factors.

Speak to your advisor. Take the MCAT. Talk to the admissions office of a med school you would be interested in attending. If they feel you need to prove that you can make it in med school, you may need to do something more, like graduate courses or gain some experience in a health field.

I'm not sure if I would do med school again, but if you want it go for it. It's hard work, and it gets harder after you get the degree, but it certainly can be rewarding.

Good luck.

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