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Question:In order to become a clinical psychologist, you must be registered as an eligible psychologist by the British Psychological Society.
You can do this by taking the graduate diploma in Psychology to gain BPS accreditation. The entry requirements state that you can enter with any degree subject but that subject must include a minimum of 60 credits of psychology at honours degree level, and GCSE mathematics (Grade C or above).

If I study social work as my first degree, would I be able to apply for this diplmoa. Social work does cover some aspects of psychology, but does it have a minimum of 60 credits of psychology?

Yes, I know I can take psychology as a undergraduate degree, but I'm just asking...?

It is possible that a social work degree will count towards covering 60 credits, however it is always worth checking this with the admissions department of the university you’re interested in applying to. You should then be able to complete a ‘GBR psychology conversion course’ in a year (full time or in 18 months part-time). If not, some universities offer what is called a ‘bridging course’ (6 months) in order to cover the required credits.

For a full list of conversion courses see BPS website:

For more information on clinical psychology see:
Article of interest:
Katherine Cheshire & David Pilgrim (2004) - A Short Introduction to Clinical Psychology
John Hall & Susan P. Llewelyn (Eds) (2006) - What is Clinical Psychology?
Alice Knight (2002) - How to Become a Clinical Psychologist: Getting a Foot in the Door
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