What does this statement mean:"elasticity of violent crime with respect to sworn officers is –1.0"?

Question:The full sentence is: "The elasticity of violent crime with respect to sworn officers is –1.0 while that of property crime is –0.3". I Know what elasticity is, but I can't remember which way the signs (+ve, -ve) work. From the above sentence is it possible to work out what happens when we increase police numbers by, say, 10%?

Thanks in advance

Elasticity means "responsiveness". +ve number indicates positive relationship while -ve number indicates negative relationship. Higher the number, more is the responsiveness.
From your example, it can be deduced that there is a negative relationship i.e more the number of sworn officers, lesser will be violent and property crimes. However, since relation to violent officer is in high negative, it means that increasing police number will reduce violent crimes by 10% and reduce property crimes by 3%.
Hope it makes sense. :)
Thats very true(+ve).The difference between them is minimum.Most Officers are very corrupt criminals.increase in them will be increasing crime.

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