Anybody know any GREAT law school NOT in the US?

University of Toronto

Although the UK schools, as well as any other outside North America, are on a different system. Law is an undergraduate degree, so you would have to go there after high school, or obtain an LLM.

Since many legal employers require a JD, UT and McGill are your best options outside the US. Although not every top firm recruits at both schools, many do and they are highly regarded - their graduates practice alongside those from America's top schools.
Kings Colledge London!

It Has One of the Best Law Schools In The UK!

Hope this Helps!

Hi. Check out the Canadian schools. There are links on the "Finding Your School" page on the U.S. Students to Canada website (link below) to help you look by province and program of study. If you're an American, the website will help you find Canadian schools that are recognized by the U.S. Departement of Education, enabling you to apply for the Stafford Student Loan. Good luck!

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