I am a s/w engg having 3.5 yrs exp. I am planning to do 1 yr Exec-MBA. what specialization should i opt for?

If you are looking at real executive MBAs, they won't take you with that little work experience (most are looking for over 10 years of post-baccalaureate study). And most EMBAs don't actually allow you to specialize; part of doing it in a one-year program is that those programs are pretty much lock-step. And I don't say this to insult you, but if you were really one of the established executives for whom these programs were designed, there would be no question for you as to whether your career was in Finance or Human Resources or Marketing!

There are some schools which call what is really a normal MBA an Executive MBA, just to leach more money from people for the perceived prestige value (actually, most employers are less impressed by the EMBA than they are by the MBA). Beware that you aren't taken in.
U better 2 do specilizations like....
MBA Project Planing & management
Or MBA-Syestems.
1 year Executive MBA (IT/Marketing/Software marketing)
IICT Business School Lucknow
MBA Correspondence

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