About FIDM - Fashion Insititue of Desing and merchandise?

Question:I live in Australia but I'm really interested in going to FIDM ' Fashion institute of Design and merchandise'.. Does anyone from Australia go there?
I got a booklet sent out to me and the fees are pretty expensive converted in AUD.
can International students get financial support? I'm sure not everyone who goes there inst a millionaire..

Well you are really lucky its FIDM you want to go to and not a state school or UC. My brother attends the FIDM in San Francisco. FIDM is a private school, which means it is privately funded, so there is no out of state tuition, which makes you lucky. You are also fortunate because private schools offer a lot of scholarships and other forms of financial aid. My best advice for you is to do research. Apply to and find any scholarships you can online and in your own general area. You wont get any grant money from the state or federal government since you are not a citizen (correct?) and even if that were not the case, you are not a california resident. So explore any and all scholarship fields, and when you have done that, look into student loans. My brother is in dept for loans, but trust me, you wont find too many students who are not in dept at that school =) Good luck to you!

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