27 M... Should I quit my job and move to a completely different city or stay here and finish school?

Question:Three years ago this month I made a huge financial mistake that cost me the last, well... 3 yrs of my life. I was forced to drop out of college (two years left) and move home with my parents to pay off a overwhelmingly large amount of debt, and at the end of this year that debt will finally be gone. I have really grown to hate my jobs and my living situation and this city drives me crazy, need new scenery. I really need to have a plan come January and since my school is on semesters, returning then is one of them. I really think I should finish school before I move away as it would be nice to have a degree but I have been here for three years too long already and am losing patience. I am moving out at the end of the year no matter what. Should I go back to school here in January or set up camp somewhere else and go later? Oh yeah if I go here in January the college is paid for, if I move I'm on my own.

First of all... if you stay there and the schooling is paid for, that is a strong argument to stay there. I know, I am divorced, on my own, and in debt up to my ears with nursing school. I (overall) hate the area I live in also.

Second consideration, moving away would depend on your major also. Some majors, the classes might not transfer (even if it is semester to semester) and you may have to re-take some courses. Or, if it's anything like nursing, the courses and info are updated regularly and there is no such thing as transferring the course in.

I say stick it out. Why move and get settled and put off even longer what you can do there and be free to leave afterwards? Props and respect though for facing your financial responsibilities first and making personal sacrifices to achieve that. Pat yourself on the back, give yourself a pep talk, and finish school there. Where you know your previous classes are good and accepted.


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