54 yrs. old whats a good course to take at my age?

Question:I'm 54 have a mild disability in my shoulder and am tired of my truck driving job. At my age what is a good trade to get into or collage coarse to take? I live in a town that has a two year collage.

You mean college?

Take basics. English, history, math, and a science.
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Your age has no bearing on what you can study. I am 63 and have been taking courses almost all my life. All you need is the desire to learn. I would suggest you contact the schools and talk to one of their counselors, they are usually very helpful.

Good Luck
My husband got hurt at work a couple of years ago. He too was looking at a new career. He is currently enrolled in the 2 year college, in our town, for heavy equipment operator. It is a 2 semester program. In less than a year, he will be licensed to do any work with heavy equipment in any state. The pay for these jobs is pretty good too.
Talk to the counseling office of your 2 year college. This may be a reasonable course of action for your future.
Good Luck!
http://www.retirementjobs.com/ check out this site it might help. I think you could work and take some classes as well, go to an ed counselor. Good luck!
Anything that has to do with technology, computers, health, etc. is in great demand plus they are very interesting subjects. Many community colleges have lots of opportunities for non-traditional students. Good luck...
i would suggest you take a course that you're really interested in.

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