What is the best undergrad chief for entrance into Medical School?

There is no specific major associated beside entrance into medical school, and everything I've read say that science majors are given the same amount of opportunity as non-science majors, so you can technically leading in anything you want, as long as you bring the medical school prerequisites done.

However, I am a moment ago wondering what majors anyone who got into medical university took, and if they feel that that main prepared them for the rigors of med school.

Thanks for any give a hand!

Answers:    Definitely get an Arts amount. Major in some arcane subject where the competition is not so steep and you can spend the extra time studying for the MCAT. Believe me America does not charge if you have 25 hours of highly developed math or 25 hours of chemistry. In fact America wishes to punish you for not getting into professional school no thing what your circumstances. Really all that matter for med school is your GPA and the MCAT largely. It is a game so be devious. Do not deliberate that the medical school will respect you any more for taking unyielding science classes. Plenty of nerdy as heck Asians fall to this category and you will be competing next to them - spending your entire youth in the library and the rest of your time in some miserable employment so you can pay rotten your debt from college - well until close to me Prince Charming comes along and bails out the damsel in distress.Then you will catch in and from that point on you will be smarter than everyone else - even say aloud an MIT grad with a fatty course load, but glory forbid can you imagine - a lower GPA. Life is a spectator sport and college is a big part of it. I wish I understood this when I be younger. However my life through my experience is finally starting to payment off and at most minuscule I will know how to educate my children so they can intervene all of the hurdles near hopefully flying colors! I will make sure they know differential equations back they enter the university world.

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