Any soft to optimize my school timetable?i.e,arrange it so I only go fridays,multiple times for each subject..

Question:First of all, thank you for your time and excuse me if my english it's not 100% understandable. I need a software-doesnt matter if freeware or not or OS- that helps me choose subjects and timetables. I have like, say, 20 subjects left to go(2 years approx), and some of them have multiple attendance times (I mean, you can go either mondays at 8:30-10:30 or fridays 15:30-17:30 well you get the idea). I want to arrange it so I only go, say, 3 days per week, and see how other options visually change my student week. I have already tried to find it in google as usual for hours, but most software seems School-staff oriented.
Again, thanks for trying to help me.

At my school, under the class search section they have a search engine that you can narrow down the classes you want to take to a certain day and time. I don't think you will find a software online that will help you because the classes you can take from your school (probably) change semester to semester.

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