Question:I am in my junior year of a bachelors in accounting should i wait till a get done with financial accounting 1 and 2 to look for a job or should i wait to get them out of the way? i know these are the hardest classes in the whole career. thanks in advance

The classes are not hard. I bet you have done more harder college math classes. Accounting was invented by the same person who invented Algebra. So basically, it an equation. Revenue -expenses =Owner's Equity.

You did not specify what type of job you applying for. Accounting related job requires basic knowledge of accounting . So I would get those two classes out of the way. Also, knowledge of basic accounting software will be plus i.e. Quickbooks or Peachtree and Office 2007. The more accounting related skills you have to offer the easier it will be to land that first job.

Good Luck!
When you say "get a job." I assume you are referring to an internship. Your junior year is a great time to find one. They won't ask you what courses you have completed, just that you are majoring in accounting and are a junior. You are there to learn anyway.

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