Anyone readmitted to Saint Louis University after leaving on academic probation?

Question:I took two semesters off and during one i attended a community college. I did a whole lot better than I had been doing at SLU but still not great. (2.8) I've finally decided to quit persuing the money making degree everyone thinks I should be in to study what I enjoy and what ultimately makes me happy although some would say it's not a guaranted success. Any tips or suggestions?

I've never attended Saint Louis University, but academic probation is not a good thing. However, it usually means that they are giving you a chance to fix whatever the problem is. You said you went to community college and got a 2.8. I assume you were continuing to go after the "money-making degree" everyone thought you should be studying. If you switch to something you like, maybe you will be motivated to perform better. It college will seem "easier" and you will get better grades. I speak as a social science major who had to do lots of reading and writing, but dreaded heavy science courses. However, I learned that some of my engineering acquaintances HATED the liberal arts courses where there was all this writing and reading and just wanted to deal with numbers and praticalities and certainties.

If you were just on probation, it would seem that they would allow you to re-enroll - it's not like you were expelled or kicked out.

Upon returning, you may want to do what you enjoy. If you are doing something you really like, you may be motivated to study long and hard and be excellent at it and maybe end up making a lot of money anyways.

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