How many years of school are required to become a psychiatrist?


A total of 14 years it really takes to become a Psychiatrist.
A psychiatrist is a doctor specializing in a specialty. It needs 5 years plus 1 year training to be a full-fledged doctor. Then depending on a few years, you then specialize in psychiatry to be a psychiatrist. This is a wonderful job, congrats if u have successfully gained admission into medical school !!
4 years (undergrad-premed) + 4 years (med school) + 3-7 years (residency) = 11-15 years (total schooling).
I'm guessing at least 10 years cuz its 4 years for undergrad, 4 years for med school and you will have to do a residency too.
Well, it takes quite a few. First four years of graduate school, then four years of medical school, and then four to five years of residency. Most likely, you'll have an extra year in there somewhere. Honestly, this was my plan, too, but I decided going to school that long just wasn't worth it no matter what the income was. There are other careers out there! If you are determined, though, check out the University of Kentucky where I was planning to go. They have a great program and they offer triple board residency. That means, in the five years it would normally take for you to become a general psychiatrist, you can be an adult psychiatrist, pediatrician, and a child and adolescent psychiatrist.

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