A few questions about the USA?

Question:I'm not that firmiliar with the US so i was just wondering, some people call it college and some call University, is it the same thing or are they different. And i wanted to know do you have to pay to go to College/University, if so how much?

college and university are pretty much interchangeable in the US. As far as paying, yes you have to pay and how much depends on whether you go to a state school, a community college or a private school. And with housing and living expenses, it will be much more expensive. Just tuition I'd say would range anywhere from $4000 to $60000 a year (the whole school year).
they are different. university is higher up. it offers more stuff.
This is just so funny to me! My hubby and I were just talking about this the other day. I moved here to Canada, which is his home-land, but I was raised in America. Anyways!

In most of America, college is the general term for secondary education. With that being said upon further thought, any sensible American would tell you that there are differences between what one would classify as a college and a university.

Colleges are often much smaller, without dormitories or on-campus housing. They are usually limited to their course selections too. Colleges are less expensive, for the most part. I'd say that, in general, colleges are often considered the place to go to get your associates degree (and to learn a trade skill).

Universities are usually always much bigger. They always have dorms and other forms of on-campus housing. Most have different branches of their main school (so, the main school may be in the middle of the state, while a branch might be in the very northern part). Universities are also more expensive.

This is all just from my own personal experience. Good luck to you!
I will start with the second question, Yes you have to pay to go to College/University. The price depends on the school, community colleges can cost $1,000 per semester and the bigger colleges can be around $12,000. There are some schools where you don't live on the campus you drive back and forth to school and these places you pay for the class and for your books. These are usually community and some junior colleges. The bigger colleges they have dorms that you can live in, so if you live on campus you have to pay to live on campus, plus your classes and your books. Both places usually have place to eat, so you have to buy food. The bigger colleges some times have meal plans you can purchase. Colleges and Universities are pretty much the same thing. It depends on the size of the place. Hope this helps.

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