Any Tips For Starting College?

Question:My first day is coming up and I'm really nervous.

No reason to be nervous. Chances are you won't do much the first day. All the professors will just pass out the syllabuses.
Go to the campus ahead of time and get familiar with the layout.
Get your schedule organized so you know where to go when.
Other than that it is not a lot different from high school.
College work is difficult because of the discipline involved. If students are going to drop out of college, the first year is generally the year it happens. In that year, the first semester is critical.
Students have no experience with higher ed. and sometimes think because the study habit they used in high school got them As it will work just as well in college. Get a mentor right away is tip number 1. You are going to "hit the wall" in your first year and your mentor will get you through it. Everyone hits the wall. Projects that were months away are now days away and you haven't written the first draft. Your mentor will keep you away from this kind of trap.

Tip 2. Don't be intimidated by a professor. Ask questions no matter how foolish they seem.

Tip 3. Sit up front. This sounds silly I know, but in all the time I taught, I knew the smartest ones were up front (and could hear me even when I mumbled which made some of them gasp I am sure)

Tip 4. Presentation is everything. Show confidence and go the extra mile when you prepare a paper or project for submission.

Tip 5. This is a doozy. Pay attention. Don't plagiarize ever. It's easy enough to site the work. If you get caught, there is no second chance.

Tip. 6 Never never never use the internet as your source of research, no matter how good the material appears. Get ideas from the net and check them yourself. The internet is just not reliable. Think about who is writing most of the stuff on here.

Tip. 7 You are not a parrot. The professor doesn't always want to hear what he has just said. When the opportunity arises, don't be afraid to take a position but be prepared to defend it. You'll be up against a pro but even the pros like a well thought out argument.

Tip 8. have fun, but never at the expense of your studies. This 4 or 6 year investment will pay great dividends. Remember GIGO -garbage in , garbage out. Fill your mind with garbage at the university and expect that is what you'll carry with you for life.

Enjoy your learning experience and welcome to the community of lifetime learners.

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