4 year or community college?

Question:I have been admitted to a 4 year university, and to a community college. The problem is, that the university does not have my major. With the 2 year college, i can transfer to a university that has my major, and can take my GE requirements and still be able to live at home. I want to be a film director, is there any harm in going to the community college?

Do the Community College and transfer to the College that has your major. Just make sure not to take the associates degree on the way. It's tempting to pick up the extra sheepskin, but it will affect your ability to get Pell Grants and Loans. There is absolutely no harm in going to a Community College as long as you get a guarantee that the credits will transfer in advance. Don't let them get away with verbally assuring you either. Get something in writing and verify it with the college you want to go to. Best of luck. Hope this helps.
Well, if you go to a 4 year college initially, youc an still transfer to another 4 year. So what's the problem?
Harm? No, no harm. You will save money by going to the community college and they are just as good for general requirements. Many 4yr colleges give 2yr community college graduates first pick when it comes to transferring. Just research the college and make sure it works for you. Good luck.
Stay at home and go to the community college. You don't need to select your major for 2 years. Good Luck with your studies.
No harm at all. Community college helps you transition from high school to college life. This way you can get the basics you need and transfer later to a four-year that has your major. Living at home will help (it costs a lot of $$$ tolive off campus) and if the parents are willing to let this happen remember - to do your fair share to help them and not be a lazy bum (i.e. do your laundry, clean your room and mow the lawn without whining). Good luck...be sure to watch On The Lot for ideas too.
No harm at all, especially if the community college has a relationship with your ultimate 4 year university.

Even if it doesn't, you have 2 years to find the right university and one that will accept all of your comm. college credits. Make sure you start working on that so you don't take any non-transferable classes.

Good Luck!
It wouldn't hurt...but see if the community college has any opportunities for you to get experience in film or sound (maybe they have a TV or radio station) so you have a bit of an advantage going in to your university. And make sure you do very well so you can transfer to a good school as the film business is all about connections. Good luck!
No harm at all. Guess what famous film director who went to a Junior College first before enrolling at the prestigous USC Film School?

Give Up?

Well, its the one and only George Lucas!

If your 4 year university does not have the major, please look somewhere else. Go to a 2 year college and then transfer to a 4 year university that has your major.

Go Trojans!
i agree with all the others, there is no harm in going to community college. that's what i did. i now go to a 4-year university. i went to community college to do my general ed requirements and graduated with my AA in Liberal Arts. plus, it's WAY cheaper than a regular university. you'll be saving a whole lot of money. if you decide to go community college, you should take classes that will help you with your major.

when you are finally done with community college, then you can transfer. another thing is that you'll have a AA degree in something when you grad from community college rather than going straight to a 4-year university and having to wait and work hard to get a bachelors degree.

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