Question:I have to read "in the jungle" from teaching a stone to talk by annie dillard for my college class and write an analysis of it can anyone in anyway help me please i am begging here please please please!

there is a review on "teaching a stone to talk" it on this link, hope that helps and a few notes about the reading below!

Not sure sorry but here is A note about the readings: Be sure to notice the way Dillard uses startling comparisons and contrasts to get her ideas across. She, for instance, says of a weasel with a face as "fierce, small, and pointed as a lizard's" that "he would have made a good arrowhead." She says a village in an Ecuadorian jungle catches "sunlight the way a cup catches poured water." She shows us swans swimming in the sky the way amoebae whip themselves through a drop of water under a microscope. She does all these things for a purpose and a point. Consider carefully what those purposes and points might be.
So read the book. Do the analysis. When you get another one to do you will have more experience and will do better. If you get someone else to do it you will fail at everything else on the course!

You're there to learn. So Learn!
Here is a discussion: You can draft some lines from it.

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