A Levels. I done well on my GCSEs. But I need a website which can tell me what Alevels certain degrees require

Question:Please help me. I need to know which A levels to choose.

I would stick to picking A-Level subjects you are good at, and seeing where they take you, rather than the other way round.

A broad range of subjects like English, at least one science and at least one humanity will get you into the broadest range of degree courses if you have no idea what you want to do now.

If you do have an idea what you want ot be, type your career choice into the UCAS website, and the universities it spits out will offer you more guidence.

Good luck, and see a "connexions" advisor asap. (Loook them up in the yellow pages)
UCAS can tell you all about courses in the UK and how many points and/or specific subjects are needed.

You need to go to the websites of universities you are interested in. Normally it's just the university name with ac.uk at the end (e.g. www.salford.ac.uk). Browse through any subjects you are interested in and look at their entry requirements - you'll probably find that entry requirements for particular subjects are quite generic across all universities! Good luck and well done for planning so early =D
Well done for your GCSEs! Best method I find is to go to specific University websites and check out specific degrees. The A level grades that are requested will vary from subject to subject and from Uni to Uni! Good luck with your A levels and with choosing a degree! x
Well done. Google it xx
If you have an idea of the type of degree you want to do, ask the question again along the lines of what a levels you need for a certain degree - people are more likely to be able to help!
What grades you need for the subject you are going to pick is depends on the sixthform or colleage you would like to go. For example, the sixthform that I used to go are interested in A* -C for minimum 5 subjects. Even though they need more than C for some subjects like English, Maths and science. I didnt get much grade for my GCSE and I did GNVQ (General National Vocational Qualification) It is a one year course. You could either upgrade your GCSE result or 'swap' your gcse result. When I did GNVQ, it was full of course work. No exam. (So there is a lot of typing and researching and its not as easy as it sounds.) After that I am gong to do my A level. I thought I could physcology becaues this GNVQ course gives equivalent to 5 GCSE A* - C. But my school says you need to get a B for science to take phsycology in A level. Puh . I got an E for science. So I konw its not possible. So my point is the school is deciding what grades you need for each subject. If you are confused anything I said or you need more help, please email me. Thank you.

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