Am I stupid?

Question:im doing a medical course and reading the different diseases and drugs is easy for me.

but then you get ethics and that... i can just about grasp that

but im reading about the administration of health care, "professionalism", and the struggle to define different health care workers. And I just dont get what the point of this major recommended text is.

I hate words that end in "ISM"

That hatred of words that end in "ism" is probably just a pet peeve, and not an indicator of stupidity.

But what about the word that begins with "J" and ends in "ism"? LOL. You don't like THAT ONE?

Of course, ethics are important in the medical industry, and I think you can appreciate why...what, with that Hippopotamus Oath that Doctors take, and Junk.

No, you aren't stupid, man. You are trying to improve your education, and that is a virtue in and of itself.

Your punctuation wasn't flawless in your question/comments. Be that as it may, at least you can type reasonably well.

Nah- you aren't stupid. Good luck, Monkey Shines! : )
Judging from this question, likely to near certainity. In fact in your case the correct word is ..stupidism.
there's a small chance that you could be dyslexic
Are you? because if so you need to get that checked out.

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