ANYONE HIRING after school part time 16 year old?

Question:i am 16 years old looking for a part time job, after school that will start me off around 3:00 pm. I really want a job that does not pay minimum wage (which can be any typical job). I am a smart, nice, and out going. I love meeting new people. I attend a great high school, and plan on going to college for buisness managment and advertising. I have my license and i have a car, so transportation would be no problem! I am a fast learner, and very patient. so if your looking for a guy like me, please contact me.
Thank you

No one wants a job that pays min wage. But you are only 16, Its quite a dilema because if you want to get paid more, you need experience which you lack, and you don't want to start at min wage to gain that experience.

You best bet is ask your parents, relatives or friends that are working already and see if they can help you find a decent afternoon job. Its very hard to do working from 3pm - closing, since not many stores will want someone like that.

What I did in high school was I waited tables at a local sushi restaurant that opens at 5, so plenty of time for me to get there. The tips are nice and you average about $12/hour (after taxes, which is equivilent to a $18/hr job anywhere else). The work is tough and tiring. You have to deal with mean customers, but who cares, you are just there for the money.
I recommend that you check exactly what is minimum wage in your state as it varies from state to state. Some are above $5.85 per hour, whiles others are at 5.85 an hour.

Based on your personal description, you seem to be a hard worker and would be a good asset to any employer, unfortunately your age seems to be your only roadblock. Depending on Federal, state, local laws, and even company policy, the number of hours that you can work or what time to what time you can work can limit you. You may find that you have a $7.00/hour job and work only 15-20 hours a week.

For the recommendation of working at a restaurant (meaning not fast food), you may find yourself limited as well, especially if the restaurant serves alcohol beverages. Depending on state and local laws, you have to be a certain age to serve alcohol (usually 18 in most states, can be 21 in certain areas or states).

Finally, you have to be 18 in order to operate any machinery that is used, for instance, forklifts, balers, compactors, etc.

But, do not let get your hopes down, just be aware of the limits that your age puts you at. I highly recommend working in retail which usually offer the greatest flexibility in hours.
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