All about becoming a veterinarian...?

Question:I'm wanting to become a vet once I get out of highschool. Right now I'm in the 10th grade, I'm taking the highest science related courses I can right now. But I just don't understand where to go after highschool.

Do you need to go to a 4 year college or university majoring in some kind of science, THEN afterwards you apply to one of the 28 vet universities? When exactly do you take the GRE and other tests that a lot of vet universities require? Which kind of college/university would I go to straight out of highschool, graduate or undergraduate? After you finally finish becoming a vet, will you have a master, bachelors, or what? About how many years does it take, and does that include internships or on the job training?

I'm just so confused! It would be so great if someone could kind of make a step by step guide. I've searched the internet but every website just leaves me with more questions. =(

As you pointed out -- there are only 28 Vet schools in the US. Most of them only accept applicants from their geographical area (so, for example, if you want to go to the Vet school on VA Tech's campus, you have to be from Virginia or Maryland -- if you are from NJ, then you could apply to Penn or Cornell -- and that is about it). This means that it is extremely difficult to get into Vet school. It is much easier to get into medical school.

Here is a web page about applying to Vet school

Therefore -- you need every advantage you can have.

You want to take as many science and math classes as you can in HS. Take AP classes if possible -- in order to get into the best university that you can get into.

You want to get into the best possible college so you have a better chance at getting into Vet school. You should take the same kinds of classes as an undergraduate that Pre-Med students take. Getting a BS in biology or chemistry would probably be a good idea.

You take the GRE at the end of your junior year of college -- or at the start of your senior year.

You apply to Vet school as a senior. When you graduate from Vet school, you will be a doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM). It is a graduate degree.

It would be a good idea to start working with a Vet now -- RIGHT NOW. Any edge you can get will be needed.

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