A degree in Marketing or Communications?

Question:Which would be a better degree for a creative-type who wants to look into a more marketable degree than the English degree program I am currently in?

Either way I will have a minor in creative writing.

Any opinions or other suggestions?

Communications is a more marketable degree--you can learn about PR, Advertising, and Marketing but not have to concentrate and limit yourself to just one.

My ONE suggestion is to possibly look at a different minor. Minors CAN be useful--in business, a minor in accounting, PR, or Spanish will be more useful than creative writing.

Remember that you need to think of this from a perspective employer--what will impress them? Creative writing just means you can write and that is assumed in a business major. If you can take accounting or Spanish into a job with a communications degree, you're going to be able to market MANY areas of your skills, not just your writing.

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