A degree in marketing, communications, or English?

Question:Which degree would be best for a creative-type? I wanted to get something that was marketable, but didn't want to go into a business degree plan. Any opinions or other suggestions?

A valuable education is worth anyone's time.

If you're driven for money, then the degree of today, and tomorrow is communications & communications networks.

Technology is simply making the planet a smaller and smaller place. Communicaton systems and its associated technologies are the driving force behind the planetary change.

Someone with the much needed skills for communication systems development and/or management can and will make very big bucks.

I know a "23 yr career" Marine seargent who specialized in communication systems during his military career.

Upon his military "retirement" at the ripe old age of 41, he quickly landed a job as a communications systems manager with Verizon wireless earning $125,000 to start. He also gets $27,000 a year for his military pension. Today, at age 43, he has a combined income of over $150,000.

Thanks to his hard work, dedication, experience, and knowledge in communications systems.


Alternate route:
You can earn your B.S. in electrical & computer science.

Get an entry level job earning $60,000 to $70,000.

Have your company pay for your masters in communications networking and study for 2 years...for free.

Then upon graduation, if your own company doesn't increase your salary by %15 to %20, then float your resume and don't be surprised if you land $95,000 to $115,000 jobs, depending on company and working region.


3rd route: Stay continously in school and earn your master's in communication systems. Then easily land a job around $75,000 to $85,000.


If you're not too keen on the military, I prefer option #2. Get the B.S. Get some real work experience and have your company pay for your education.

This option is only good if you can handle career work and school work at the same time.

Good luck!
Can't do much with English...I know too many people working minimum wage jobs with that degree. I think marketing is good for a creative person...that's what the degree is about! However, the decision is totally yours. Whatever you feel fits you best. Good luck!

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