Does going to private college really increase your likelihood of self permitted into a perfect university?

I am currently attending a private school made possible through two consecutive scholarship for the past two years. My average is lower than my public institution equivalent, though it has to do next to the school's marking style (e.g. at public I get 98% but at private only a 92%). I want to kind it to an Ivy League school.

My sound out is: will universities factor contained by the private school when considering my application contained by a couple of years? Will they understand that my GPA is a bit lower because private arts school is significantly harder? Will past scholarship on my record backing me get into an Ivy League conservatory?


Answers:    We give no nouns to private over public school instruction.
Your class placement should be explained [no whining, just the facts] if you are surrounded by a highly competitive environment surrounded by the cover letter near your application.

You have inborn advantages by going to the private school that fashion up for a slight lower placement in class ranking. There is a severely good casual that your SAT scores will be superior. Your writing skills most likely will be considerably better.

Congratulations for trying for an Ivy League university. However, I advise you that the number one complaint I enjoy heard from undergraduate students over the years is that they did not own enough back-up school. You may wish to consider applying to a few not-so-ridiculously-competitive colleges also.
1) Yes, university factor in private vs public while evaluating your GPA.
2) Scholarships will promising help you.
Depending on your private university, your college guidance office will hold "relationships" with spot on universities and push undisputed students to be accepted. apposite luck
It can

But mostly it is up to YOU

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