A question for arts grads?

Question:did you enjoy doing your degree or did you just do it because it was 'a degree qualification'. I am thinking I would have been better off training or doing internships , because I didn't really do a whole lot of work while I was there and an arts degree doesn't qualify you for any career ...

Hi, I also did an arts degree and 2 postgraduate arts degrees.
An Arts degree will provide you with long-term career success because Arts students develop skills in research, analytical-thinking and flexibility and often experience greater workplace variety as a result.

There are many post-graduate courses that you could take in an area that interests you. Teaching is the obvious choice, but you could do law or business studies for example. I would advise talking to a career counsellor or search the web, or do some internships. The world is your oyster and it is never too late to do something you love.

If you do a job you love you'll never work a day in your life, or something like that.

My problem was having too much choice and trying to narrow it down.

Best of luck at whatever you decide, but remember you arts degree was not a waste of time. Knowledge never is.

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