American sign language?

Question:if i take american sign language in high school will colleges see it as a language or do i have to take german, spanish etc.

It depends on the policies of the colleges (the policy is set by each college.) My university recently decided to accept ASL for a language but for years it did not. You need to check the catalog of the colleges you are interested in; most of them are online but it is usually easier to read a printed a copy.

If you can't figure it out from the catalog call the Registrar's office for information.

no you don't!
I took ASL in highschool and ya they do count it as a language! Have fun!
Depends on the University. I am really bad at languages, but I went to a University that recognized American Sign Language as a language that fulfilled the "foreign" language requirement, so I took the classes at a local community college, and transfered the credits in. They did require an additional quarter of ASL - I had to take 5 instead of the 4 that every other language has, but it was worth it. Contact the schools you are interested in attending and ask an academic counselor whether or not their college recognizes ASL.
My school offers sign language as a forgin language (i'm taking it now). however you are going to have to take it again in college... your high school classes will not count.

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