Am i good enough for the brilliance of MIT or Caltech or IIT?

Question:I dont know whether i am good enough to compete against the brilliant students who apply for MIT etc...
These are my stats for yr 9 and am currently studying yr 10:
all subjects - scored above 90% learnt basic programming like VB, basic etc and web based lang like html
yr 10,
scoring 90's as well
can do OOPS like JAVA etc.. and I also knowledge on XML
I can do other stuff like writing applets etc.
I am good at almost everything with computers and networking. etc.
please reply with ur suggestions that might help my chances of atleast being able to try for schools like MIT etc...

NO, see can spell good! No can do OOoops very good!
Hello, first of all, I think you should write grammatically. never write OOPS and it is "I also have knowledge" not "have knowledge."

With your question, I would say it is too early for me to tell if MIT, Cal Tech or IIT will accept you. Do know that these schools look at a range of factors from your race, ethnicity to academic credentials. However, I must say, academic credentials are extremely crucial. Do not stress yourself if you get a 90, just don't get anything BELOW that. Always aim higher. In addition, there are other great engineering schools out there. It's good that you are planning your college career early. Happy school shopping!
I'm presuming you're from India. A 90 in India is quite different than a 90 in an American high school. It's too early to say, but you're on the right track.

With these many confusions in mind, you cannot be anywhere near them!

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