5 courses in first year, fisrt term of university too hard?

Question:i heard that bceause university is a drastic change from high school, that it might be a good idea to only take 3 or 4 courses instead of a ful load... from experience, what do you guys think? i'm not completely retarded, i went through a bit of IB until i had to move so im used to hard work, . im taking english, math, communications, economics, and history but history is the course im willing to drop. im at sfu btw

no... i think 5 courses is average... and u need to average in at least that many per semester to graduate on time... unless ur gonna take summer or winter courses... i'd keep the 5 courses... ur not taking a science, which would take the most challenging and time consuming i think... so stick with it... it's not as bad as u think..
I took 7 courses my first semester and it was very easy. Don't worry about it. College isn't as hard as people say it is (may be hard because they are stupid).
In my experience, first-years are only allowed to take around 16 credits (4 classes). If you take many more credits than that, you have to get special permission from your adviser and the first-year dean.

Disregard what Joe M said. College can be quite challenging if you go to a good school.
My friend wants to go to SFU.

What were your credentials?
you'll be okay
Well, it may be hard if all of the classes are back to back to back to back to back. If they are spread out and doesn't require you to be on campus for the entire day then it shouldn't be that bad. However, if you find yourself literally running to the next class, you may want to drop 1 or 2 classes.

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