"Describe where you come from?" Got any ideas on what to write?

Question:This is a college application essay prompt. I don't know what to include,exclude or even talk about. Are they asking about my background (family,nationality...) or my life?

Write in positive terms the culture of where you live and how it has made you a better person. If you're in the sticks, you can write how old fashioned American values has shaped your morality and how you value hard work and honesty. If you're from an urban setting, the cultural diversity and vibrancy of the city has introduced you to so much and enabled you to learn about things first hand that many people don't have an opportunity to see. Even if there is something negative, you can turn it around to make it positive. Someone in a crime ridden area can use it to learn to work hard for their education to rise above, and hopefully end the cycle of poverty and despair. Make notes and an outline first so you don't ramble. Good luck!

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