Anyone an Art Major?

Question:I'm one. I was just wondering if anyone has any advice for my first year.

Realize that you will spend alot of time working outside of class, so get yourself into a routine early.

Put your name on your art supplies. I don't think theft is as much a problem as borrowing -- and if you've put your name on rulers and equipment, it'll help keep them in your hands.

Do reading and research outside of class. If the professor names a couple artists or shows examples of their works, go look them up to know a little more about them. It'll pay off and you'll find artists who will become inspirations to you.

Keep up on your general academics too. Many art programs are competitive and even if you do well in art classes, if you don't do well in art history or you blow off general studies, it may prevent you from getting a BFA degree.

When students minimize the importance of their non-art classes, my response is to say "what is your artwork about?" "how will you gain new ideas and insights for the content of your work?" "how do your ideas fit into a larger view of the art world and the wide world beyond?" Remember you have to feed your brain as well as your passion for any artistic media.

Good luck!
took one class and loved it. should be an exciting academic career and many jobs in both public and private sector good luck

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