Actuary Profession?

Question:Hi, I am pursuing a 3-year degree in Mathematcial Science (emphasis on Stats). I will be doing second Honors degree in Economics.

Just double Major in Math and Economics a good platform to pursue a career in Acturial Science ?

Or do I need a degree in Acturial Science ?


It seems that your ultimate goal is to be a "Fellow of the Society of Actuaries". I have only seen this designation achieved by people actually working in the actuarial field - usually after many years of post-graduate work.
I suggest a visit to the Society of Actuaries website.
If a guaranteed job sounds okay to you for your entire life, then I'd consider pursuing it.

The adage of death and taxes is completely true - since you're not a mortician, you're a tax accountant.

The idea of being able to going to any community to practice whereever with whatever company sounds pretty cool. If you're partner wants to move later in your life, you'll say sure, wherever you want.

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