Anthropology Major?

Question:Is majoring in Anthropology a good idea if I want to go to medical school. Is it a good major to prepare me? I have read that it's one of the top majors of medical school applicants. But anyway, does that major require me to take chemistry, and physics, calculus, and all the other pre-requesites you need to apply to medical school? I just want to know if I have to minor in pre-medicine, or if I can get it all done in one shot, and still minor in other fields I like such as spanish and fine arts. Thank you.

J.D., the courses you need generally are:

2 semesters of introductory biology
2 semesters of intro chemistry
2 semesters of organic chemistry
2 semesters of physics

Most anthro programs take a multi-field approach to anthropology (biological anthro, cultural, archeology, and linguistics). As a result, generally you would not have these courses as collateral requirements for your degree.

That said, some physical or biological anthro programs do require intro biology and chemistry, in which case you'd likely end-up taking ochem and physics as your general electives.

Your advising office ought to be able to help you with the requirements of your particular anthro department's degree options. But my guess is that you'd take most of the above as "general electives" that didn't count toward the degree specifically, except as credits earned.

Still, that shouldn't stop you if you're really interested in anthropology. Physicians need to be aware of human variation and cultural differences, both a strong component of anthro programs. So you could make an excellent medical school candidate with that background. Just be sure to consult your pre-med advisors about how to do the right volunteering to make yourself more attractive to potential medical schools. Good luck!
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It doesn't matter what you major in if you want to go to medical school. All that is required is that you take the required courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and calculus. There is no such thing as a pre-medicine minor.
That surprises me, only because I thought Pre-med was so full of: Math, Chemistry, Biology, that you wouldn't have time for Anthropology coursework as a major!!

Anthropology majors would be more likely, I would think, to take Humanities: Sociology, Cultural & Physical Anthropology, Geography, Geology, and things more related to human societies. In my community college schedule, Anthro. majors take: Physical Anthro, Cultural Anthro, Intro to Archeology, Magic & Religion, Native Peoples of N. America.
Medical schools are looking for students who have completed a set of pre-requisites. The pre-requisites are pretty standard med school to med school (the Pre-professional Health Sciences Advisor at your undergraduate institution will have access to a listing of what every medical school in the country requires in terms of class work for admission). When you register for classes, let your registration counselor know that you are thinking about medical school and they will set you up with the right classes.
As far as a specific major - that all depends. Most students going to medical school will end up majoring in Biology or Chemistry primarily because that is where you will find most of the prerequisite courses. However, medical schools are looking for academic diversity - as long as you still take the prerequisites. That means that they like students who can demonstrate that they are in some way different than other students. Anthropology is something different - if you are excited about the topic matter, pursue it as your major!

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