Do these international colleges enjoy march band? Answer any or adjectives!?

1) University of New South Wales
2) St. Thomas University
3) University of Victoria
4) York University
5) Jacobs University Bremen
6) John Cabot University
7) Universita Bocconi
8) RSM Erasmus University
9) Webster University
10) City University, London
11) Imperial College, London
12) Regent's College, London
13) Richmond University in London
14) Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
15) University of Aberdeeb, Scotland UK
16) University of Bristol
17) University of Dundee, Scotland
18) University of East Anglia
19) University of Edinburgh
20) University of Glasgow, Scotland
21) University of Kent
22) University of St. Andrews
23) University of Stirling
24) University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
25) University of Limerick, Ireland

Answers:    Marching fastening (as we know it) tends to be an American construct related to American football. The school you list don't area American football. Since there's a very constrained repertoire of music specifically for marching group, it's not an ensemble activity considered outstandingly important at most school of music around the world.

Now, what some of these do have are community band and some of those are very fine ensembles indeed. There are also some international DCI type corps out nearby now.

The closest point to marching leash that you'll find at most of these is a military type band that march block and plays traditional martial music.
Not one ! They're going on for education, not march. Don't go - you'll be rejected for inate stupidity.

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