Anyone go to Durham? what are the colleges REALLY like?

Question:im looking at going to durham..

but i dont drink (i still like to party lol.. just not into pub crawls), and I know theres a "rocsoc", but is there a particular college where all the people who like rock music go?
Or is there one where people dont get drunk all the time, but dont study study study either?

lol.. i was just wondering, cos i looked at one of the college's websites and it scared me O_o

i'm sorry I can't offer you advice on the Colleges themselves, but in terms of social activities, Durham is pretty rubbish.

Dont get me wrong, its a beautiful city but not an awful lot going on.

You need to head to Newcastle or Leeds for social life (an hour each way)
Hi, are you going there for your 1st year?

Im going to Durham as well but as a postgrad, so am part of the Ustinov college. I woudnt worry about the not drinking thing, it can be tough at times, a lot of people going away form home for the first time see it as a chance to go wild and drink as much as possible, and can't understand those who choose not to. I was one who chose not to.
The nice thing is, whilst i don't know about Durham specifically, i found at uni that there are always going to be people in the same frame of mind as you, so you not alone.

(as a side note, at the uni i was at and at my mates uni's we found the sports teams where the heaviest drinkers and wernt so tolerant of those who didnt, which was sad realy)

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