18 years of age need help on what to do on the career move.?

Question:Ok hi I'm 18 years of age and yes I'm still in High School the reason for that is my other High School messed up my math their wasn't really teaching good so now I go to a different type school like independent school which really helps but from their I haven't to pass the CA.CAHSEE yet . Then after that I'm mostly done with my school just math when I graduate from them (Hopefully) I graduate . but when I leave that school I will have 1 year of math I can't go to Community College because they want 2 years of math can't go to College they want 4 years of math .My question what should i do go to a trade . Do they pay a lot ?Should I go to those commercial schools that come on t.v. are they true like what they say ?My option is this good place to start http://www.pennfostercollege.edu/program... send me mail about joining them in fashion merchandise is that a good move also I love music i want to be behind the scenes in the music thing like Audio Engineer.

If your trying to be an Audio Engineer than check out this website, www.sae.edu, this is a good school for training in Audio, it also teach you various aspects of the Music business.

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