Any one else was a loner at college?

Question:How was it for you? I have just survived a very disturbing time but have come out with honours. Hated the social scene (am not one of the crowd), never joined any societies- played computer games. My only real pal was an older Masters Student. Also most weekends went home.

Most young people are boring- I finished one uni then went to another with more mature students- thats where I met the masters student who now has a top job in Dubai and may help me out in future. Oh yea- my family are reasonably connected as well.

If you like the older, more mature crowd I would suggest joining academic or social service organizations on campus or student government. This is a good way to get to know people who may have similar interests. As a loner I know it is hard to go into these social situations and put yourself "out there" but honestly... if you dont do it you will regret it. College is a time for you to meet new, interesting people and enjoy your youth... dont waste it on computer games.
Actually I was a loner at college and I regretted being one. I prefer the company of a small group which never joined any organizations. A friend of mine told me to enjoy life while I'm still young, and I'm afraid I have been holding myself back. I feel like I'm not having much personal growth as a person. What do you think?
Yeah, I was a loner too! Times have changed. "Friendship" is very superficial nowadays, just like the lack of authenticity in most relationships. People I observed are also very self-conscious, with lots of inhibitions and faked "sophistication". Don't act this way, don't act that way, only speak and act in certain ways for fear of not looking cool..etc. etc.
Yeah, l was a loner too. Looking back though, I think it was my own fault. I'm not very outgoing and I didn't try very hard to get involved. I'm trying to do a better job of meeting people and socializing now that I've graduated, but it is even harder now because most of the people I see on a regular basis are older and have families. They are too busy with their children/spouses to want to socialize outside of work.

Anyway, I'm trying to meet people and be more pro-active about enjoying life. Although it is hard, you should also try to meet more people. I've noticed that once you get to know more people, they aren't as bad as you think they'll be. Don't waste time on regrets though, just try to work on improving the future.
I was a loner too but I'm trying not to be, It's just so hard that's all =[. But I'll find a way I'm sure, being a loner is not that bad, you did well enough after all, I mean thats the purpose of going

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