Advice on what to pack for college?

Question:My friend is heading off to college freshman year, needs a good packing list... what shouldn't she forget?

Below is a really complete packing list. You can print it out for easy reference. It's like 2 pages long.

No, it doesn't have the condoms on it, so that means it's okay for Mom and Dad to see the packing list. :-)
I wouldn't worry about it much. Just some regular stuff and the things she forgets or finds out she needs later on she can get there later.
Underwear and bras!
alot of ramen
porn magazines
a box to sleep in when the appartment sets on fire
ill add more later
It helps to write down everything that you can't go without. Go through a few days and just jot down what you use.
Beer, weed/smoke and associated paraphernalia. also, some good tunes, lots of condoms and g-strings. and as much money as it would take to feed a family of 8 for a month if you can get it. if you play guitar, bring that too. and some notebooks and pens. you're set after that.
This is basically the same answer I gave for someone else, as this question has been asked at least three times this past week.

Your school probably has a list of suggestions as well as a list of stuff NOT to bring (like my school doesn't allow microwaves). Figure out where that is and what on that list you think you need. As a first year you WILL over buy, you will think you need a lot more stuff than you do - you don't. If you want/need to save money, wait for a lot of that stuff until after your first semester when you'll have a better idea of stuff that you'll need.

1. Laptop [and printer?]
2. If your dorm doesn't have AC, a fan.
3. Notebooks, paper, pens, misc office supplies.
4. emergency credit card. emphasis on the emergency.
5. Coffee maker / money for coffee / red bull.
6. little things to make the room yours - posters, tapestries, etc.
7. If you have room, a chair or floor pillows for socializing.
8. Mattress pad. College mattresses can be brutal.
9. Condoms! Lube! Oodles of both!
10. Quarters for laundry. This may or may not be related to #9.

"The Must Brings" will vary from person to person. For myself it was:
- My iBook - four years and still going strong with *no* problems.
- My 3-in-one printer. It is soo useful to be able to print/scan/copy.
- My non florescent floor lamp. Most dorms have florescent lighting, which I find depressing. ($13 for an awesome one at IKEA!)
- My lap desk. I do a lot of homework not at my desk because that's where my computer is.
- My backrest-pillow (one of those ones designed to let you sit up in bed/on the floor, etc. without hurting your back).

Good luck in school!
Casual clothes
a couple good books
I actually jus moved in yeserday, so I can help...

some things i had to go to the store and buy when I got here because i forgot them were:
-bungee cords
-a light bulb
-water bottle

also dont forget:
-bathroom stuff
-a couple weeks worth of clothes at least. The more you have though, the less often you need to do laundry
-fans if there's no a/c
-laundry stuff
-extension cords and powerstrips
-phone/computer/iPod (etc..) chargers

hope that helps a little!

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