All my teachers think Im on drugs but im not?

Question:I come to class tired.. The reason Im always tired is because Im always working on my SAT or preparing for my 3 AP exams or working on my college application.

Their homework always gets done, their classwork ALWAYS gets done..

I am not exaggerating when I say this: In each class I have the highest mark. This is a college not a university.. A very small college... Then they tell me to see them after class and ask if "everything is okay" and why I look like that.. I dont know what the problem is, I dont sleep in class and I do all their work and participate... why do they think im on drugs? im just tired...

What should I say back next time they accuse me?

Im really not on drugs I just work late...

i think your really stressed out. how about taking a sick leave and going away for a little while, i hope they won't mind. hope it works.
Well sounds like they are on drugs...but Listen, tell them, if you dont want me to be this tired, how about you let me off from your homework all this week, and you'll see that Im not so tired. If I had that free time, I would be on drugs and come to class even more tired, but since I wont be up so late because of all the work you guys give me, then I will be fresh.

Dont b disrespectful though, but do let them know once that you are not doing anything bad, and if you were, then their work wouldnt get done.

But good for you for doing good in school though.
Tell them to pucker up and kiss your bum
First of all, good for you!
Second of all, remember that a high GPA is important, but so is a little bit of "me" time to balance your life out.
Finally, if they ask you again, confront them right back. Ask why they feel as if you are on drugs. Ask them if, statistically, drug users are likely to have high grades, because they are not. Tell them that, although you appreciate their consideration for your well being, that you work hard at school, which is why you're always so tired, and that you are offended by the notion that you might be on drugs. Be respectful but strong at the same time. You have a right to stand up for yourself, and having your teachers think you are on drugs, whether or not you have a good GPA, definitely will not help you if you want to go to graduate school, or apply for scholarships or for jobs.

Another option is to approach them, privately, and tell them that it concerns you that they think like that. Most drug addicts aren't very rational in that sense, so if you approach them with respect and lay everything out in a rational manner, I"m sure you can change their minds!
Have they actually asked you if you're on drugs, or just if you're OK? They might just be concerned that you look really tired, and are overworking yourself (which sounds like it's the case).

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