Any tips for adults re-entering college?

Question:im 26 and after a 5 yr hiatus(i was working and raising my child) i am returning to college to finish studying for my degree. i will be in classes with people who are in their early 20's, maybe younger. im returning to the same college i left from but things seem totally different to me. i feel out of place. i know im not the first older person to return to school. there were older people when i attended before. but usually they are much older than i am now and are able to bond with one another. im too old to hang out with the youngsters, too young to be with grandparents.does anyone have any tips for me being a woman in her mid twenties with a home life returning to college? how to have better time management, social involvement, how to balance my home life and my school work etc.

Dear chocolatebee:

Keep your nose to the grind and try to focus on why you returned back to secure your degree. The rest of all that you noted will find its place. Save your energy for the books and family.

PS. You are to young to use the word old.
Been there did that. Just do it.
expect big changes that includes cost too. But you can handle it.
Stay away from the Ecstasy!
Don't worry. Over the past couple of years, more and more people have been going back to college to finish their degrees. It is actually a pretty normal thing. Don't feel should feel proud that you have the determination to finish your degree and educate yourself!
I started college in my 40's. Made it through in five years. Now, I'm in my Masters program at 51. With school, you nearly have to be obsessed with it. Make it your total goal. I was married and had young child. Just have to do it - that's all. If you want that piece of paper. It will get easier as time goes along.
Since you raising a child I am sure you are more interested in spending most of your time studying and getting thru with good grades so you can get a degree and better job so friends shouldn't be high on the lost of priorities here. I am sure you will make friends along the way. There are a lot people your age going back to school at your age so no worries there. You can do your studying at night when little one is in bed or during the day when your child is busy playing or in school since I don't know how old your child is.

I wish you the best and hope everything goes well for you.
Actually you will be in a class with people in ther 20's 30' 40's 50's 60's and so on. That is whats wrong with people now they assume that it is the 18 year olds in college that aveage person that goes to school is 25 and older. I am 28 years old and I am going back to school after 7 years to finish my BA degree, I already have a AA degree. I first went back when i was 24 years old I went to a trade school for 6 months and yes I was the oldest in my class but I did not care. Actually the younger students were amazed because I could tell them about my first two years in college. At that time I was teaching and I had been a teacher for 5 years back then. So the younger students will respect you and some will look up to you and if anyone disrespect you put them in there place. So go to school, it is for you family.

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