Anyone can help me find a tuttee,im an elementary tutor,i would like to perform an online job..pls help!!?

Well I don't understand your question. I actually thought you were asking for help finding a tutu when I first read it!

Not sure anyone is going to rush to employ you to tutor their children though when they see you making such basic and lazy grammatical errors as: 'im' in place of 'I am' or even 'I'm'; 'anyone' in place of 'Anyone'; 'i' in place of 'I'; '!?' in place of EITHER '!' OR '?'. Sorry but I reckon my 6 year old sister could probably construct better English. It's all such basic stuff - maybe, if you are serious about tutoring, you should reconsider your presentation, style...first impressions etc.
sorry but i do not know you.
Using to find students/clients may not be the best method. Why don't you join a proper online tutoring company that can help you better. For example:
(3) ... and many more
I wish I could help, but I can't. Good luck though! I am a junior in highschool and I tutor elementary kids, but it's voulenteer work and through my school.

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