Question:if u took as many classes as u can even college classes whie still in high school, whats the earlyest u can graduate

You are generally allowed or required to graduate as soon as you earn the minimum credits for a College Major. Is that like 150 credits.

I assumed you've taken STatistics, Economics, Civics, AP Chemistry or Physics, Pre Calc or Calc

If not you have some ground work to cover.
Graduate high school? I've heard of people getting their associates degree before they graduate high school. For high school, I am unsure.
I'm 100% sure you can graduate in 11th grade.
Usually most colleges will accept kids as young as 14 in college as long as they can prove they can pass the tests.
In some colleges you have to at least be 16 to do dual enrollment. Some kids finish by 16 and do jr. college and when they are 18 they have a high school diploma and an associate degree.
If you homeschool, you can graduate whenever you feel like it basically. That's what I love about homeschooling-You can do it at your own pace, fast or slow and you can get help from others when you need it most. Homeschooling isn't so bad after all!
My answer will assume you are a home schooled student.

When home schooled, you graduate when ready; there is no set age.
You can start taking college classes as early as age 14, however age 16 seems to be the average.
Some receive their AA degree at the same time they "officially" graduate from a home school high school program.
It's up to you, and your parents.
First you have to learn how to spell.

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