Question:if u took as many classes as u can even college classes whie syill in high school, whats the earlyest u can graduate

In most states you have to be 17-18 by law to graduate. I've never heard of a public school system that would allow a person to graduate before they have put in the 13 years required.

If you have taken a lot of classes and have no requirements for graduation left to meet, talk to your guidance counselor for other options for your final years of high school. Some school districts will let you attend at a college for your final year of high school, most all have concurrent enrollment programs so you don't have to stall at the senior year waiting until you can enroll in college. This is especially convenient if you live in or near a college town.

If you are homeschooled, you can graduate when your parents say you have met the requirements in most states. BUT - you will still have to be enrolled in some form of education until you are of legal age since states have attendance laws and most state you must be enrolled in some sort of school until 18.
Unless you skip grades, you have to go the full 180 days of school for 13 years. Sorry, but that's the law. It's always good to do extra studying, though.

Assuming you are homeschooling, you could combine the extra hours you do of schoolwork to make extra days. For example, work for 6 hours instead of 4 hours, the minimum, you could count the extra 2 hours of work you did for the next day. This would get you done a lot quicker. That's what the public school system does.
Hope I helped!

Good Luck ;)

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